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My Beauty Guide is the #1 review platform for beauty products in the Nordics. Our users have created reviews of over 14.000 beauty products and continue to share and inspire each other!

We've now added the opportunity for you to reply real reviews in all the scandinavian languages.

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Get rich insight into what your customers think of you and your products! With our review dashboard, you're able to easily respond to feedback on your products from your consumers.

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Our dashboard is designed to empower you as a brand to efficiently reply to consumer feedback.

With our automatically generated insights, you're able to dive into your target group and see who your target group is within
My Beauty Guide.

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    Aloha Beauty Lover

    Thanks for your interest in My Beauty Guide as your product review provider.

    My name is Anne Weichenfeldt Steenberg, and I have created the My Beauty Guide app.
    The idea arose because I felt there was missing a community, where I could easily and quickly get an insight into which beauty products get the best reviews.
    That is why I created the My Beauty Guide app - so you and I can easily find the best-reviewed mascara, deodorant or hand cream.
    In My Beauty Guide Business, you’re now able to communicate with consumers directly on My Beauty Guide and get real insights of what they think of your products.
    I'm looking forward to working with you!

    My kindest regards and #BeautyKarma
    Anne Weichenfeldt Steenberg


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